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CB Split - Getting Started

For first time users of CB Split I recommend the following steps and approach to site setup and creation.

  1. Create USER ACCOUNTS - Create a user account for each person in your organization that will work on the various aspects of your site. Reserve the SUPERADMIN account for audit, and functions only available to SUPERADMIN. All other accounts should be given access only to the areas you expect them to work in. If you have employees or contractors that need access to your master admin you can also add technical and billing contacts to your account - see the

  2. Configure all of your API keys - ClickBank Clerk/DEV API, ClickBank INS Secret Key ( see this wiki page for more info on ClickBank API Admin Options), Google Analytics ID, Maropost, GetResponse or Infusionsoft API, xVerify API.

  3. Download your ClickBank Products

  4. Create your website layout ( theme ) using layouts, snippets, assets, and menus. You can have as many layouts as you need for your site. I recommend using as few as possible, keep the layouts as clean and simple as possible. Feel free to login to our demo site to see a working example of this, ( contact us for access )

  5. Create your Pages - Pages could be grouped into some common categories, Company Pages ( privacy, about, contact us, terms and conditions, etc ), Sales Pages ( funnels, VSL's, quizzes, etc ), Conversion Pages ( usually the start of an upsell/downsell FLOW, and the postback URL configured in ClickBank ), and finally Download Pages ( where your customer take delivery of the product they purchased ).

  6. Begin Testing - in the Pages module you can create multiple variations of a page, try different text, buttons, graphics, colors, layouts, hide navigation, etc then test real world traffic against your changes until a clear winner appears. Test as many variations at the same time as you want, and have as many variations as you need pre-made and ready to go. Use the handy NOTES field at the top of each variation to remind yourself what you changed. Monitor the tests manually OR set them on autopilot to end after a certain amount of time, clicks or sales and set the winning page as the live primary page.

  7. Cash Checks ;p
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